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With the huge success of our first outlets and the many requests to open a Malvón franchise, we have launched our ambitious national and international expansion plan. We will soon have more than 40 shops, with a presence in many regional cities, Portugal, airports and the El Corte Inglés department stores.

We have a waiting list, with preference given on a first come first served basis. What are we seeking? Enthusiastic people and companies who are aligned with our brand.


Benefits of the Malvón franchises

Part of Malvón’s success lies in its specialisation, selling only empanadas, and a great marketing plan. Its innovative concept is unique in the hospitality industry.

A very profitable business

Empanadas Malvón has proven to be a very profitable business right from day one. The public’s response has been overwhelming. Every new shop is a sales success.

Minimum investment

A small investment is required to open a Malvón Franchise. For instance, one of the many factors that contribute to its low cost is that no fumes extractor is required on the premises, thus only a small initial outlay is needed and it is easier to find a prime location.

Key-in-hand set price.

The dedicated Malvón openings team takes charge of everything required for the opening of your franchise: Opening licence, Health & Hygiene, shop design and build, as well as all the on-premises promotional material and signage. Your shop will be delivered to you, all set to start business.

Start earning from day one.

As soon as you are handed the keys to your Malvón Franchise it starts bringing in revenue. Such is the demand among our customers that every shop that opens is a successful income generator.

Specialisation as a unique selling point.

Part of the success of Empanadas Malvón lies in its specialisation on a single product. Specialisation triumphs in restaurant marketing. The trend is becoming increasingly clear. It also makes the operation of a Malvón Franchise extremely simple and straightforward. Forget about juggling many different stocks, products and suppliers.

Strong marketing support

Malvón runs a strong marketing and advertising campaign, raising awareness of the brand and its empanadas. It regularly boosts point of sale communication with promotional material to enhance brand presence on the premises.

Training and support

Empanadas Malvón offers training to franchisees on the business management and profitability and on procedures and operations. Through its online platform, the Malvón School allows access to ongoing training content.

Your business in just 6 steps

Begin your adventure with Malvón

  1. paso 1

    STEP 1 - Telephone conversation

    A member of our franchising department will call you so that we can get to know each other.

  2. paso 2

    STEP 2 - Analysis of the franchisee

    We will ask you for various details to see whether your profile matches our values and the way we work.

  3. paso 3

    STEP 3 - Initial meeting

    If the analysis is positive, we will invite you to our offices for an initial meeting. We will answer any queries you may have.

  4. paso 4

    STEP 4 - Visit to Malvón

    We will invite you to visit our facilities in person and to get a closer look at our shops.

  5. paso 5

    STEP 5 . Final meeting

    We will sign the contract for your Malvón Franchise and teach you everything about how it operates from the inside.

  6. paso 6

    STEP 6 . Training

    We will tell you all our secrets and you will learn the keys to success of your new business.